"Are you happy?"
He asked suddenly.
She nodded.
"Always happy near the sea."

| Flappers and Philosophers by F. Scott Fitzgerald | 

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I’ll swim and sail on savage seas

with ne’er a fear of drowning.

And gladly ride the waves of life

if you will marry me.

No scorching sun, nor freezing cold

will stop me on my journey.

if you will promise me your heart

and love me for eternity.

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Why are you scared?

Why do you call on God to strike down creativity?

Why do you label the expressive as ostentatious?

Why do you strike down grandeur with your mediocre dogma?

When someone has an idea, why do you slap a label of worldliness on it with no deeper insight?

Why do you wave your obnoxious flag of humility in the face of men doing God’s work?

Because you’re scared, boy. You’re SCARED. You’re scared out of your mind that someone’s doing something you FAIL to do. You’re scared that someone is tearing down your kingdom, a kingdom where all is suppressed and this “God” of yours crushes them to dirt.

Are we dirt?


But what is dirt made of? Take a closer look. Slide that under a microscope. Layers, upon layers of micro and macronutrients. Minerals. Vitamins. Compost. Fertilizer. Chemical compounds and substances I can’t pronounce or probably will never hear of for the remainder of my life.

It’s all here. You don’t get it do you? Everything is all here. We are God-breathed and God-made. It’s all here. We are dirt. We have fallen. We need grace. But do we have what it takes to touch the stars? Absolutely. And it’s in us. It’s in us all.

Dirt can give growth to beautiful flowers and trees towering hundreds of feet high.

So why have empires fallen? Kings tumbled from decades of golden-age-thrones? 

Why did Eve eat the forbidden fruit?

Why did men build the Tower of Babel?

And why, my friends. Why… did we crucify our Lord? 

None of you get it. We fail because we want more. We look at what we don’t have, and we seek it. We thirst for it.

We’ve got it all wrong. 

Eve was surrounded by paradise on Earth. There was no need to eat that fruit.

Then why did she?

She didn’t look within.

A world of cosmos. Billions of Earth-years’ worth of stardust. All the ingredients necessary for life.

The Spirit of God. 

Don’t you see? It’s all there. Everything’s there. Stop looking outwards. Look inwards. It’s all there. The inspiration and spirit of a being so powerful, he spoke existence into being.

You have it all in you.

We were born children of God, creative and free.

So what’s stopping you?


He ain’t EVER stop nobody.

So don’t you EVER try stop nobody else because of YOUR own fear.

We have been beautifully created to CREATE.

So watch the kids of yesterday evolve into the leaders of tomorrow.

Watch the artist in the back of the room paint a masterpiece.

Watch that girl you forced into the back row of the choir “for the glory of God” spread her wings and truly sing out, for the first time in her robotic life, for the glory of the TRUE CREATIVE GOD.

Cause you know what? Ain’t nobody stopping you, girl.

You are of the same breed of men that crucified our Lord. The men that felt their world coming apart at the dawn of something big, something so big, it was foretold in scriptures for thousands of years. We all are. We crucified Jesus. No one chose God, not even one.

Christ had an idea, so revolutionary, that they were afraid.

And so they killed him.

So I ask you. Is God the man you only sing about in Church? That you suppress the voice of the youth and the elderly alike in the name of?

Because that’s not the God I worship.

And I know that’s not the God Abraham worshipped.

Or Moses.

Or David.

That’s not Jesus Christ.

Those men weren’t afraid as you are. God used them to do extraordinary things.

Is your “faith” real faith? Or is it dogmatic comfort? 

Don’t be scared. You are God-breathed. Go DO his work.

"I am mountain, I am dust; constellations made of us."

Because you, dirt, can give birth to new life, living in the promise of the being that died to give us new life.

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